Sports in Madrid

Madrid is filled with opportunities to stretch your legs and get exercising! The capital has many outdoor and indoor activities on offer for its people with a variety of intensity levels and possible alternatives.

Additionally, the city has a tight knit community feel, despite being the biggest city in the country.

Finding others to partner up with when it comes to practicing a sport is easy!

Meeting and connecting with others in the city is a simple and straight forward way of doing it, but for others with less discretionary time on their hands, there is an available community online called Citylife Sports Club giving people the access to sport and athletic related activities, meet ups and events as well as forming a social group of likeminded people.

A Football City, For Sure!

Football is clearly one of the iconic and popular sports in the country, both in terms of participants and spectators, with two world class clubs Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid both based in the city. The teams have been rivals since the 1950s with political differences shifting fans’ preferences towards either team. Nowadays, although less politically driven, the derby is considered to be the second largest in the country, with fans being scattered across the heart of the city. Moreover, a visit to either of the teams’ stadiums is a must if one is a football fan, especially if they have a match on soon!

Enjoy the Bernabeu stadium!

Sports at the Park

Open spaces such as parks and gardens can also be used for athletic activity in the city. For people who would like to train for their jogging and running there are 3 iconic parks.

El Retiro Park, a green oasis in central Madrid, consists of 125 hectares of beautiful grounds and many iconic monuments. The park also offers a variety of available sports areas and services for hire such as a boat to row across the park’s artificial lake, a bicycle to enjoy the parks paths or a guided tour for a simple stroll around the park´s botanical gardens.

Madrid Rio is an amazing social space that covers a big part of Madrid

Madrid Rio is another reputable park flanking the banks of the river Manzanares for about 10 kilometers which also provides recreational facilities and a community feel. This park is considered a work of art in its social binding aspect, containing 17 play areas for children, each of which is catered to a certain age group in order to allow all children to enjoy! It also contains Matadero Madrid, an old slaughter house turned into a cultural center at the turn of the twentieth century, providing entertainment for adults through exhibitions, cultural and musical events.

Alternatively if one is looking to exercise will get funk on, Rolling Dance & Burger is the option to go to! It is an American influenced roller rink with a DJ booth and a snack bar. This would be great for an evening of fun and letting loose!