Moving to another country other than your own, to work or study can seem like a daunting prospect. However, there is no better place to move to than Madrid. Sitting in the heart of Spain, a jewel in the crown of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is the perfect place to relocate if you want to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture, cuisine, and the language itself.

Madrid is a city that juggles both the modern and the ancient. While it is a thriving modern metropolis, a capital which brings people in from all over the globe, it also retains its rich culture and classical grandeur. Museums and galleries are complemented by vibrant cafes, Michelin-starred restaurants and a thriving nightlife.

Below are the reasons why moving to, or studying in Madrid will be the best decision you ever make:


Spaniards pride themselves on having a rich, deep-routed history and culture, whether they’re talking about bullfighting, art, or books. Madrid in fact, is often described as the European culture capital, as it offers an endless array of attractions for the cultural junkie.

  • Architecture: perched on one of Madrid´s most famous sunset lookouts is a genuine original Egyptian Temple. The Templo de Debod, built in 2nd century BC, was gifted to Spain by the Egyptians in the 1970s, and moved to Madrid brick by brick! The location of the temple, being situated on the top of a hill, means you can experience a panoramic view across the whole of the central Madrid, as well as Casa de Campo: the central park of Madrid.

  • Squares: The two most famous squares are the Plaza mayor and Sol square. The Plaza Mayor is one of the most visited squares in Madrid, located in the heart of Madrid’s historical centre; this square is characterized by symmetry and austerity, with 9 entrance arches, and picturesque buildings surrounding it. Sol Square is also a frequently visited tourist hotspot, recognized for the famous bear and strawberry statue (the symbol of the city), the statue of Charles II (the Spanish king who modernized the city), and Kilometer 0 (a plaque which marks the starting point of where all roads in Spain meet.
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  • Museums: The Pradoand Reina Sofía museums are two of the world’s most renowned art museums and Madrid residents and students can enjoy free access at various hours throughout the week.
  • Royal Palace: whilst there are many notable places to visit in Madrid, the Royal Palace is definitely not one you want to miss. It is the largest functioning royal palace in Europe with 3,418 rooms and 1,450,000 sq ft). The interior of the palace is notable for its wealth of art and the use of many types of fine materials in the construction and the decoration of its rooms.
  • Flea market: El rastro is the largest flea market in the whole of Spain. Open every Sunday in La Latina, you can buy a variety of second hand items and vintage clothing, handmade jewellery, sunglasses, books, and much more.


Because of its central location, Madrid is the perfect base from which to explore the rest of the country. Whether you want to visit the Mediterranean, or Barcelona, or the charming old town of Seville, a trip is only a short plane or train ride away.

Madrid is also a great location for numerous day trip destinations, including: Toledo, Aranjuez, Alcalá de Henares, Segovia or Cuenca.

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  • Idyllic weather: Madrid is one of the sunniest cities in Europe with more than 300+ Days of Sunshine yearly.
  • Friendly people: The Spanish people are sociable, warm and funny. Not only that, they’re known to be generous and love a good night out! Additionally, in a recent study on international values, Spain came in above their European counterparts as being more content with life.
  • Learn Spanish: while visiting such a beautiful city is an incredible experience, learning Spanish can make your time here even better! Why not start Spanish lessons in the centre of Madrid, at a school with experienced, native Spanish teachers, so that you can speak to locals freely and integrate into the Spanish culture more comfortably. For more information about out Spanish courses, contact us via email:
  • Cheap housing: Madrid has one of the lowest cost of living in comparison to other capital cities.
  • Cheap transport: the abono (a 30 day travel pass for those under 25) only costs €20 a month and covers the metro, buses and most trains.


  • Madrid’s residents clearly know how to enjoy life. It’s no wonder that the city’s bars and nightclubs are an integral part of its culture, providing a constant drum and beat of fun and excitement.
  • The average night out in Madrid starts between midnight and ends around 6am, with the average club closing at 7am!!
  • In between working and partying, you will see that the madrileños like to take advantage of the frequently sunny weather, and can be found socializing in one of the city’s plentiful terrazas, or sitting outside of restaurants, as they sip away at their cervezas or glasses of wine.
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  • One of the best details is that when you order any drink in Spain, is that it always comes with free bite to eat (tapas). It is an old tradition that has survived centuries.
  • Tapas are so strongly anchored in the Spanish culture, they even invented the verb “tapear”, meaning to go out and eat tapas with your friends.
  • Like much of Spanish culture, tapas encourage social interaction, where the meal revolves around sharing both good food and conversation.

  • Foodies will also go wild for Madrid’s sprawling food markets (San Miguel, San Anton, San Ildefonso, and La Cebada) where you can find anything from enormous octopus to the juiciest seasonal fruits.

The only downside about moving to Madrid is that you might never go home!! People fall completely in love with city, extend their work contracts or visas, extend their studies, others get hooked on the lifestyle, the culture and the more relaxed and easy-going way of life. They can’t get enough of the incredible weather, the delicious food, and the bubbly madrileños with their infectious happiness and positivity, thus find it impossible to return to their old way of life in their home country!