If you would like to share with people who live permanently in Madrid, this is the option for you. Remember that you should respect the rules and way of life of your hosts, taking into account that their customs might be different to in your home country. This is a good choice if you would like a bit of peace and quiet and don’t want to share with many other students.

To manage expectations, please bear in mind that in Madrid the majority of families live outside the centre of the city in residential areas. In the centre, most people are single, families without children or widowed women. Generally, the size of the apartments is fairly small and the host may rent the room in their home for economical motives rather than to have a cultural exchange. For this reason, don’t expect this option to help you to practice your Spanish, because this isn’t always the reality. In Madrid you can practice in the streets!

If you would like to share with and get to know other international students, we recommend our student apartments.

  • Located in the centre of Madrid (ca. 25-40 minutes by foot from the school or 25 minutes in public transport).

  • Available all year.

  • Single rooms (shared rooms are rarely available).

  • Share with other international students.

  • Wifi internet. Desk in each room.

  • Option of accommodation only (with use of kitchen) or full board (without use of kitchen).

  • Shared bathrooms.

  • Average age: 16-25 years. Also recommended for students over 30.

  • You must respect the rules of your host regarding schedules, smoking, visits, use of the telephone, washing machine, etc.

  • Bedding included (no towels).

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Arrival days: Sunday; departure days: Saturday. 1 week = 6 nights. Extra nights (on request): 48 €.
(Depending on availability, Inhispania reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation for the extra nights).

If the student has opted for “Home Stay” they should be conscious that the way of life,
eating habits, customs etc. of their hosts may be different to in their home country.

(available all year)

Homestay (available all year) Price per week Price per 4 weeks
Accommodation only 160 € 200 € 640 € 800 €
Full board 230 € 275 € 920 € 1100 €

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