This is our most efficient programme for learning Spanish quickly and adapted to your needs. Combine the advantages of a group course (practicing oral interaction activities with other students) with the personalised attention of private classes.

General characteristics

  • Course start: every week.

  • Availability: throughout the year.

  • Students per group: 5-6 (maximum 9).

  • Levels: beginners – advanced (A1-C1).

  • Timetable: variable (depending on availability).

  • Duration: 1-4 weeks.

  • Recommended for: all those who wish to learn or improve their Spanish in a context of full immersion in an intensive and personalised way. Older professionals and students (over 50).

Course Online

Prices Spanish Crash Courses

1 2 3 4
Option 1  30 (in group) + 10 (one to one) 640 € 1180 € 1760 € 2330 €
Option 2  30 (in group) + 5 (one to one) 445 € 870 € 1295 € 1710 €
Option 3  20 (in group) + 10 (one to one) 580 € 1065 € 1595 € 2090 €


  • courses begin every Monday (except for absolute beginners: see calendar);
  • each private class lasts 60 minutes; each group class lasts 45 minutes. The timetable for the group classes can be in the morning, beginning at 10:00 or in the afternoon, beginning at 14:00 (depending on availability);
  • in the table of prices we include information for programmes of up to 4 weeks. However, the student can extend the duration of the programme to the length they desire;
  • between each block of classes, there is a short break so that you can get to know the rest of the students at the school, have a coffee and rest for the next class;
  • all the complimentary materials are included in the price of the course;
  • after the class, you can participate in our activities.

* Registration fee: 55€
INCLUDES: registration, course book for initial level, additional material, activities, personalised service, internet access and attendance certificate.

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