Do you want to take an exam to gain a qualification which demonstrates your Spanish level? Inhispania can help you with your preparation so that your results as as good as possible and you pass your tests with great success.

The official DELE exams are held several times per year by the Instituto Cervantes.

There are 6 different levels and the exam can be taken in Spain as well as a large number of other countries. Inhispania offers special courses for the preparation of these exams, during which you will learn the techniques and knowledge necessary to get top results in the tests.

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General features

  • Start dates 2024: 11.03, 15.04, 10.06, 16.09, 21.10

  • Students per group: 5-6 (maximum 9).

  • Levels: beginners – advanced (A1-C1).

  • Schedule: variable (check availability).

  • Duration: 2-4 weeks.

  • Recommended for All those who wish to prepare for the DELE qualifications.

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Prices for DELE Preparation Courses

Preparation Courses DELE
2 4
10 CLASSES (DELE Preparation) 280 € 560 €
30 CLASSES (10 DELE Preparation + 20 General Spanish) 600 € 1170 €


  • Each class lasts 45 minutes.
  • All the complimentary materials are included in the price of the course.
  • These prices include course books, complimentary materials and the opportunity to participate in the school’s activities. The price of the course does not include the registration fee for the exam, which should be paid by the student in the instalments stipulated and at the accredited exam centre in Madrid. All administrative costs will also need to be paid by the student.
  • Between each block of classes, there is a short break so that you can meet the rest of the students at the school, have a coffee and recharge ready for the next class.
  • After the class, you can take part in our activities.
  • Preparation for levels A1, A2 and C2 can only be taken in private classes.

* Registration fee: 55€
INCLUDES: registration, course book for initial level, additional material, activities, personalized service, internet access and attendance certificate.

Madrid Chamber of Commerce exams

Inhispania is an examination centre for the Spanish exams offered by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce for business, tourism, and medical sciences Spanish.

You can take these exams at the school itself:

· Certificado Básico de Español de los Negocios
· Certificado Básico de Español de Turismo
· Certificado Básico de Español de las Ciencias de la Salud
B2 Level
. Certificado Superior de Español de los Negocios
· Certificado Superior de Español de Turismo
· Certificado Superior de Español de las Ciencias de la Salud
C1 Level
· Diploma Español de los Negocios C2 Level

*DETAILED INFORMATION: In the following document you will find more information about the exams. Spanish exams catalogue.

International Spanish Diploma

Inhispania is an examination centre for the International Spanish Diploma, which is recognised by the Universidad Pontificia in Salamanca. You can take this exam throughout the year at the school itself.

Information leaflet on the International Spanish Diploma (.pdf)


Other exams

  • We offer special programmes for the preparation of other exams:
  • UK: A-Level
  • France: BAC Espagnol
  • These are personalised courses given via private classes, which can be combined with an intensive group course in general Spanish.
  • It is also possible to arrange a closed course for a group of students.

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