With other schools, you will learn Spanish, but with Inhispania we will ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime:

  • You will learn Spanish in an efficient, quick and fun way, almost without realizing it.

  • You will meet other students from all over the world and will make friends from the first day.

  • You will get the most from Madrid and the Spanish culture.

  • Through the young and fun environment at the school.

  • Through the dedication of our teachers and staff.

  • Because we see the social and cultural factor of your learning as highly important.

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Our school

You can have these experiences

Spain Academy

At the welcome event on the first day

  • Meet a student from a country you have never visited but would like to go to.
  • Laugh at the English of our academic coordinator!
  • Receive advice on the areas of Madrid from a true madrileño.
  • Eat tortilla and have a free drink.
Spanish Courses in Madrid

In the classes

  • Learn to pronounce the ‘r’ and the ‘j’ in Spanish, and then read tongue-twisters in a loud voice.
  • Understand the lyrics of a Spanish song.
  • Realise that the subjunctive isn’t so complicated, and you are capable of using it correctly!
  • Make a video of a theatrical performance in class and then share it with your friends.

During the activities

  • See the sunset from a panoramic viewpoint in Madrid.
  • Buy saffron and marzipan in Toledo.
  • Enjoy a flamenco performance and want to dance afterwards!
  • Beat your teacher in a football match.

Student profile

At Inhispania you will meet students from all over the world throughout the year. Unlike other schools, we don’t have clear high seasons, maintaining a steady number of students throughout the year. December is the month with the least number of students at the school (due to the Christmas holidays) but the school remains open for those students who would like to spend the holidays with us or for those who belong to other cultures and religions.

  • More than 1,200 students annually.

  • More than 60 different nationalities.

  • Average age between 18 and 30 years (minimum age: 16 years / no maximum age).

  • Average of 150 students at the school at any one time.

spanish course

Where are our students from?

All over the world! You will be able to make friends from many different countries and learn about other cultures.

  • 12-15%
  • 8-11%
  • 6-7%
  • 4-5%
  • <3%
  • Countries that speak Spanish as first language
Course Online

What’s the age of our students?

The majority of our students are between 20 and 25 years old, of which 55% is female and 45% male.

Students over 30

It doesn’t matter if you would like to learn Spanish for professional reasons or for personal enjoyment. With Inhispania, you will find the best course to meet your needs or objectives.

If you are learning Spanish for professional reasons, we recommend that you consider our crash-courses, so that you can focus the course on your own personal needs and areas of interest.

Students over 50

It’s never too late to learn Spanish! Every year, Inhispania welcomes a considerable number of more mature students. Many of them say that their stay with us helps to make them feel young again!

At a more mature age, the rhythm of learning is different to younger students. If you are over 50, we advise you to take a course which includes private classes, during which a personal tutor will help you to get the most value from your learning time.


A happy and satisfied student is our best advertisement.
For this reason, we do everything we can to ensure your Spanish course and stay with us are as good as possible.

¡Ha sido una experiencia fantástica! La atmósfera en la escuela me encanta. Todos son muy amables a pesar del papel y de la procedencia. Si pudiera dar una nota sería un 10/10 a los alumnos, profes, becarias, administrativos, ¡todos!

Ya sé que echaré de menos a todo esto pero estoy seguro de que voy a volver un día en esta fantástica escuela y esta maravillosa ciudad donde he conocido gente que siempre estará en mi corazón.

Luca Sarti (ITALIA), 27 años, estudiante y bombero

Hervorragende Schule, mit sowohl kompetenten als auch sehr freundlichen Lehrkräften. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmt auch. Desweiteren hat mich beeindruckt, wie professionell in den Lerngruppen zielführend gearbeitet wurde und auf jeden Schüler individuell, mittels extra Material oder weiteren Hilfen eingegangen wurde. Ich gebe eine klare Weiterempfehlung ab und wünsche allen kommenden Studenten genauso viel Spaß, wie ich ihn in der Schule haben durfte.

Robin Andrae (ALEMANIA)

Mi experiencia en inhispania fue buena. Mi deseo fue de aprender español primero para hacer mi portafolio para mi master y después hablar, entender y comprender español. Inhispania me ayudó a hacer esto y por todo eso, le digo gracias.

Zora Neves Tembo (Congo), 23 años, diseñadora

I am having a really great experience at Inhispania Madrid. I am learning so much every day, and the teachers are very supportive and helpful. I would love to come back again to study a higher level or do my internship here. The ambiance here is very friendly and relaxed. I am happy I made this choice. Thank you.

Sidra Qureshi (HOLANDA), 22 años, estudiante

El ambiente es buenísimo. Los profesores son excelentes…Me ayudan mucho, no solo con los estudios, también con la vida en España.

Zhipeng Zhou (China), 22 años, estudiante

Me gustan todos los profesores de la escuela, me gusta el estilo de enseñanza y que la escuela tenga la costumbre de cambiar los profesores de clase porque en este caso se puede aprender más.

Pasé tres meses felices en Madrid, en la escuela conocí a personas interesantes y visité lugares imprescindibles. Me parece bien que la escuela ofrezca clases de cultura.

Anna Ostrovskaia (RUSIA), 31 años, financiera

Estuve en la escuela durante más o menos 6 meses y fue una gran experiencia para mi. Me han encantado mis profesores, muy majos, y tuve un tiempo fenomenal con mis compañeros de clase de todo el mundo.

Jonas Droll (Alemania), 22 años, comercio exterior

It was an amazing experience. I’m sure I’m going to come back and continue. Thanks a lot.

Ilona Balanskaya (RUSIA), 21 años, estudiante

Tenía una experiencia aquí in Inhispania. La verdad es que he aprendido más aquí en mis últimas semanas comparadas con mí escuela anterior en Estados Unidos.

Shanti Lerner (FILIPINAS), 20 años, estudiante

have had a wonderful experience at Inhispania. Without a doubt my experience in Spain wouldn´t have been the same without it. The staff is extremely helpful and accommodating. My two teachers have been caring and genuinely interested in their students well being and learning. I am really grateful to Inhispania for assisting me throughout many transitions during my stay here – housing accommodations, advice, etc. What´s more is that the ambience of the school is lovely – relaxed yet focused, always clean and lots of natural light. The library and class rooms are better than average and well kept and always clean. The location of the school couldn´t be better as well. Thank you so much Inhispania, I am so happy that I chose this school and got to meet all of the amazing people who work and study here. I highly recommend it and hope to be back one day!

Abby Palmer (EEUU), 19 años, Estudiante

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