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Private Spanish Courses in Madrid

What are the Premium Spanish programmes?


We take care of all your personal requirements and needs. Our Spanish courses are highly personalised and adapted to the client.


Our language school in Madrid is Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, guaranteeing the highest levels in both teaching and service. It is our aim to deliver best possible teaching quality and results.


Because we know that your time is important, we will focus on your progress and improvement from the first day. Tailormade classes ensure a high efficiency in learning Spanish with us.

Why Inhispania?

Quality of teaching and service guaranteed.

Our Spanish school is located in the heart of Madrid, Inhispania is a perfect place to learn Spanish.

Inhispania is 100% specialized in teaching the Spanish language, so all our efforts are aimed at the same objective: IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS IN SPANISH.

In the evaluation report to obtain accreditation from the Cervantes Institute, Inhispania obtained an excellent score, which places us among the best Spanish schools in Madrid.

A method that works

Our method helps you to speak and interact in Spanish from the first day of your course. Furthermore, all contents and objectives are tailor-made according to your personal needs.

Excellent location

The school is in the best part of the centre of Madrid, in a charming, safe and elegant area with a great offer of culture and entertainment.

Outstanding teachers

We select the best prepared teachers from our team to tutor the Premium Programmes, offering all their experience and knowledge for optimal results.

Superb facilities

In the interior design of Inhispania we have concentrated on creating a welcoming environment with the sensation of wellbeing. The result is a modern and sophisticated school, where the learning of Spanish language and culture becomes more pleasant.

Spanish Programmes

A personal tutor will design a special programme for you, corresponding to your own interests. You can select amongst three Premium Programmes, depending on the total hours of teaching in Spanish that you want per day and if you wish to include lunches and activities outside with your teacher:

  • 4 hours of Spanish per day
  • Total teaching 4 h / day

  • 6 hours of Spanish per day
  • + Educational lunch (Spanish a la carte)
  • Total teaching: 7h / day
  • 6 hours of Spanish per day
  • + Educational lunch (Spanish a la carte)
  • + Activities outside (Madrid is the classroom)
  • Total teaching: 9h / day

Classes outside the classroom


Madrid is the classroom

A new way to learn Spanish and discover or rediscover Madrid at the same time in a completely personalized and fun way. With the Madrid is the classroom program you will carry out a series of activities of your choice outside the classroom, accompanied by your Spanish teacher.

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Spanish a la carte

Enjoy a good meal with your teacher while improving your knowledge of Spanish and discovering the enormous gastronomic variety of our country.

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Book your course and go to your next level.

You will learn Spanish effectively, quickly and fun, almost without realizing it.


Below you will find some feedback written by our students.

My experience with Inhispania has been nothing short of exceptional. The staff is very friendly and helpful in both English and Spanish the new facility is comfortable and welcoming and the professors are superbly adept at teaching the language and culture. I have spent two separate month long immersions with Inhispania in their Premium Executive Program and I’ll plan to return in the future to continue my advanced studying of the Spanish language and culture. As a business owner and entrepreneur in the United States, coming to Madrid and Inhispania has been such a good use of my time and an invaluable and personally enriching endeavour. Should anyone be contemplating a second language learning program in the Spanish language, I highly recommend Inhispania!
James Murphy
California, USA
The course has been tailored perfectly for my needs. Both my teachers, Adrián and Laura, have been excellent professionally and personally. I am amazed at me progress I have made in only 5 days! I look forward to coming back in November.
Paul O'Mahoney
I had high expectations for the Premium program. My teachers have adapted the contents according to my needs in such a way that no relevant point for me was left untouched. Furthermore, the sessions were very interactive.

I am considering returning to further deepen my knowledge of Spanish.
Ene Thomas