The amount of weeks it will take to complete a level at Inhispania will depend on which course you are taking (intensive, semi-intensive, regular/evening classes) and which level you are (A1, A2, B1, B2…).

See the table below for the amount of weeks it will take to complete each level. However, if you need more time at a certain level you can continue to remain in your group until you feel comfortable to move up level.

Cursos intensivos

(intensive courses)

Cursos regulares

(regular courses)

A1 4 weeks 12 weeks
A2 4 weeks 12 weeks
B1 8 weeks 24 weeks
B2 12 weeks 36 weeks
C1 8/10 weeks 24/30 weeks
C2 Only offered within individual classes Only offered within individual classes



20 classes per week

  • Monday-Friday
  • Hours: 10.00-13.05
  • First block (2 classes of 45 minutes each), break, second block (2 classes) =15 hours a week
  • During the short break you can meet the rest of the students in the school, have a coffee and recharge before the next class
  • You can also personalise your course by adding private classes (see below)

30 classes per week

  • Monday-Friday
  • Hours: 10.00-13.05 and 00-15.30
  • This course is based on the 20 class course
  • The 10 classes is an additional block of 2 classes a day, where there is primary focus on conversation and grammar. =22.5hrs a week



Regular classes

  • Twice a week (either Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Hours: 19.00-21.00 =4 hours a week

Semi-intensive/Lessons Online

  • Monday-Friday OR can be taken twice a week
  • Hours: 16.00-17.30
  • These are online lessons (and sometimes hours) and level can depend on availability and preference

Personalised Spanish Courses

  • You can have individual, one-to-one classes with a personal tutor, or combine these individual classes with a group course with other students (Spanish crash courses)
  • You can also take private classes from the comfort of your own home, via Skype
  • Each private class lasts 60 minutes.
  • Hours: depending on availability (+preference)
  • Recommended for: all those who want to learn or improve their Spanish in the context of total immersion in a personalised way.



Module + 5 (Spanish Culture): 

  • Monday-Friday
  • Each class lasts 45 minutes. Hours: 13:15-14:00
  • This course is only available to complement intensive courses of 20 or 30 classes per week and cannot be taken on its own.
  • Available for students of levels B1, B2 and C1. Students of levels A1 and A2 can attend the course if they are native speakers or very competent in another roman language: Portuguese, Italian, French, etc.

At the end of your course, you will receive a participation and evaluation certificate. If you would like an official qualification from the Spanish Education Ministry you can take the DELE exams offered by the Instituto Cervantes. Inhispania offers special courses for these exams, as well as processing your enrolment.


  • The DELE is an exam that is taken in order to gain a qualification which demonstrates your Spanish level
  • Each class lasts 45 minutes. Hours: variable (check availability)
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • There are 2 options: 10 classes (DELE preparation) or 30 classes (10 DELE preparation + 20 general Spanish)

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