Hello everyone! My name is Mathilde, I’m a French student and I came to Madrid to do an internship with Inhispania for 5 months a part of my studies.

I was asked to make a Top 5 of my favourite things in Madrid, and while it wasn’t easy, because I’ve lived here for 5 months now I’ve been able to discover amazing things that I’ll share with you today. I hope this helps you with your trip to Madrid!

1. The Retiro Park

First up we have Retiro Park, one of my favourite places in Madrid. It’s a well-known park in the city, full of relaxing spots – it’s also an ideal park to have a picnic with friends, read a book, take a stroll or play sport on the weekends. You can also see the “Crystal Palace”, which is stunning.

2. The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is marvellous. For me, it’s one of the iconic symbols of the city, and it’s an absolute must to visit if you live in Madrid (even if you’re only here for a week or weekend). The rooms of the Royal Palace are all beautiful and impressive, and let you learn more about the Spanish Monarchy. I recommend it!

3. Brunch Spots

There are many brunch spots in Madrid, and it’s crucial to reserve before going. A brunch is a late breakfast that takes place at the same time as lunch, and usually there is a mix between sweet and savoury food. Here are some of my favourite restaurants and cafes in Madrid that offer brunch. They have different styles, but cater to every taste:

  • Bô Speciality Coffee, Calle Espronceda, 16
  • Ojalá, Calle San Andrés, 1
  • Urbano Speciality Café, Calle Santa Bárbara 8


Bô Speciality Coffee                                    Ojalá                              Urbano Speciality Café

4. The Rooftops

The Rooftops across the city are a great way to see Madrid from above and also to admire the sunset while having a glass with friends. In fact, each rooftop has different views and its own style. I loved enjoying the rooftops with friends that I made here in Madrid. These are my favourite rooftops:

  • Hotel Riu, Calle Gran Vía 84

The rooftop at the Hotel Riu is my favourite from this list. From it, there’s a 360 degree view of all of Madrid. To enter, you have to pay 10€ to go up and then still pay for your drinks. The price is a little steep, but it’s worth it!

  • The Terrace of Hotel Óscar, Plaza de Pedro Zerolo 12

The rooftop at the Hotel Óscar is very different to the others – there’s a swimming pool, although you can only take a dip if you’re actually staying at the Hotel. What’s more, it’s a quieter rooftop than most, with more private corners.

  • La Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes, Calle de Alcalá

I recommend this rooftop for a view of city centre, which is incredible – you can see everything! It’s a completely different atmosphere to the first rooftop mentioned, but again it’s worth it. However, in order to go up you have to pay 5€.

  • El Viajero, Plaza de la Cebada (La Latina)

El Viajero is a very pleasant rooftop to go for drinking among friends. I suggest going at night, as it’s decorated with lots of lights that light up the place. And you also have a view of the La Latina district.


5. Ikono, Calle de Sánchez Bustillo, 7

Ikono is a very original art gallery. It offers an immersive, sensory experience mixed with photography. There is a ballpit, a confetti room, a reconstructed forest and much more. It’s best to go with friends so you can take the best photos of yourself and your friends.


In conclusion, I highly recommend coming to Madrid to study or learn Spanish. But above all I recommend the language school Inhispania, because this experience that I’ve lived over the past 5 months has been incredible! With this internship and the classes I did at the school, I was able to connect with people from all over the world and improve my Spanish, which will be very useful for my future career as a Spanish Teacher in France.

Thank you Inhispania! :)