Christmas in Madrid is something to behold, with the city spending more than €1.1 million on lights alone. The preparation begins early, with the lights being installed towards the end of October, but the anticipation soon builds. Almost every single street, plaza and alley has some type of festive spectacle; from hanging presents, giant baubles, or breathtaking illuminated Christmas trees.

Each neighborhood has lights of varying design, colour and shape, and you can follow their path from below as if they were some kind of magical map of the city. La Navidadin Madrid is not only utterly enchanting, it is definitely NOT something youwant to MISS!

There is so much going on down every street, so here is my guide of the top places togo see Madrid´s Christmas lights.

  • Sol

The largest plaza in Madrid is filled to the brim with lights, and while some think it’s slightly over the top and tacky, I think it’s a true marvel. The spectacle can be seen from every streetleading off from the square, witheach street decorated with eye-catching lights, acting as arrows, pointing towards the main event: the 34m gigantic, luminous, purple and green Christmas tree sitting right in the middle of the square. In addition, you cannot miss Calle de Alcalá, which has one of the most attractive white, purple and green lights running down the street, dangling most elegantly from above.

In case you thought these jaw dropping lights were enough, there is also a huge detailed, hand-made nativity scene in the corner of the plaza that you can walk past for free.

  • Plaza Mayor + Christmas market

The Plaza Mayor, famous for its Christmas market is also home to a large, luminous Christmas tree (although not nearly as large as the one in Sol). Every balcony, overlooking the square, has a beautiful wreath, and there are giant candle lights running along the exterior of every apartment.

Plaza Mayor Christmas Market
  • Royal Botanical Gardens

The “Christmas Garden” in Retiro is a sight you cannot afford to miss. The decorations light up the foliage like an enchanted forest or winter wonderland which is truly breathtaking. While this fairytale land charges an entrance fee of €12, it is absolutely worth every penny!

Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Metrópolis: bauble

Just outside the iconic Metropolis building sits a giant Christmas bauble that plays loud Christmas songs, and illustrates moving animations, in the form of lights, across its surface.

Christmas Decoration In Spain
  • Calle de huertas: hanging boxes

Perhaps, my favourite lights of all are the coloured boxes, representing giant presents, which run along Calle de Huertas. While they are simple to the eye, their scattered and multi coloured approach is highly effective, as you can see every individual one, without the one in front obscuring the next.

I hope you are in the festive spirit, well equipped, and know exactly where to go to see thebest Christmas lights in Madrid. There is no time like the present so start admiring the beautiful lights now! ¡FelizNavidad y Felizaño Nuevo!