Spanish language speaking course

built for your tongue not your thumb

Spanish course with voice recognition

You’ll start to speak Spanish in full sentences from day one

With the help our videos & voice recognition app you will learn to speak Spanish and you will be able to:

Conversations with native Spanish speakers

Have real conversations with native Spanish speakers

with anyone, without fear

Be confident if you travel to Spanish speaking countries

Be confident if you travel to Spanish speaking countries

and find your way around

Make new Spanish speaking friends

Make new Spanish speaking friends and converse with them

like you are one of them

Spanish intensive course

For each level of the course you will get

Access to the course through website & App to:

250+ video lessons both
in Spanish and English

2500+ voice-recognition
Spanish speaking exercises

2000+ Spanish words
you’ll be able to use fluently

Optional One-on-One
videoconference sessions

with native Spanish teachers

Video calls with native speakers

Available on the web, your smartphone and tablet

Web App

This speaking course will work for you, even if you..

  • Think you have “no talent” for languages

  • Have no time to learn Spanish

  • Have tried to learn Spanish and failed before

  • Think Spanish is too difficult

  • Feel stressed when you speak

  • Are a total beginner in Spanish

We’ll build your conversation habit in Spanish

because it is the #1 key to speak Spanish fluently

When it comes to learning anything in life, may it be a language like Spanish, playing the piano or dancing, when you practice regularly you will become really good at it.

With our conversation lessons with videos and voice recognition app we will  build up your speaking skills in Spanish so that you can speak basic Spanish quick and easy!!!

spanish course

It works in 3 steps

  • Step 1. Watch video lessons and easily understand the grammar you need to speak Spanish

Watch video lessons and easily understand the grammar you need to speak Spanish

All the grammar you need to speak confidentlyAll the grammar you need to speak confidently

PronunciationInstructions on pronunciation

Everyday language and expressions explainedEveryday language and expressions explained

Everyday language and expressions explainedCorrect usage of vocabulary in context

How many times have you wished for a simple explanation of how things work in Spanish language? Or even better, to have them explained by a teacher who’s a Spanish native speaker?

Those short explanations will give you all the grammar you need to start speaking Spanish.  Nothing more, nothing less. Also, learning to speak Spanish in small chunks will boost your efficiency while mastering Spanish language.

Our Spanish instructors will guide you through the whole course and keep you motivated with their energy and personality.

  • Step 2. Practice speaking in Spanish while no one else listens

Practice speaking in Spanish while no one else listens

speak spanishWhen you speak and hear yourself you memorize much better

Video CallsTrain your muscles and master pronunciation

Learn speak spanishMaster sentence structure

Practice speak spanishNo one judges. Practice without embarassement

After watching the video tutorial, it’s your turn to speak Spanish! You can apply what you’ve learned immediately with our voice-recognition app.  This will help you retain it much better. Our smart conversation bot will be patient, won’t judge you and will let you practice as long as you want without any fear or awkwardness.

  • Step 3. Speak in real-life conversations with your life Spanish tutor (optional)

Speak in real-life conversations with your life Spanish tutor

conversationOne hour of real life conversation whenever you want

ListeningRefine your listening skills and pronunciation

real language used by native speakersEmerge into a “real language” used by native speakers

Practice speak spanishMeet new people from all over the world

Nothing can ever replace a real-life conversation with a native speaker!

And now that you’ve gained enough confidence in Spanish to know what to say and how to say it, you’re ready to chat with Spanish native speakers without fear of embarrassment. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your session from the beginning to the end. Our Spanish tutor sessions last 60 minutes. During each session, you will speak in dialogs, describe images and listen to how Spanish spoken language sounds. Of course, this session with your personal tutor can also be used to clear up all your grammar doubts

With your Spanish tutors from Inhispania

Native Spanish Teacher

Together with the course through the website & voice recognition app,  optionaly our teachers will be with you to ensure the best Spanish learning experience. All of our teachers:

  • are native Spanish teachers
  • have a wide experience with foreign students.
  • are highly prepared professionals and hold university degrees in language / literature and / or specialised studies in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.
  • belong to a very motivated team.

In the classes via videoconference with your tutor you will:

  • speak to practise what you have learned with the videos and the bot
  • do different activities to practice your spoken interaction in Spanish
  • get grammar explainations and answers to your doubts
  • get more exercises according to your personals needs and covering the themes that most interest you.