Speaking Spanish is easier and more fun thanks to the videos prepared by Inhispania Spanish native teachers.

They will help you to start speaking Spanish or improve what you already know effortlessly.

  • The entire team of Inhispania teachers are convinced that the video is a very effective resource for learning to speak Spanish quickly and in an entertaining way.

  • We think that the contents that we teach in our classes are better consolidated and strengthened when they arrive not only through hearing but also through viewing.

  • From our experience with students, the videos allow you to relate the words with the images and, in this way, develop and expand your grammar and vocabulary so that you are able to speak and express yourself in Spanish faster.

  • If the video is also fun, there will be emotional connection with you: it will hook you and motivate you a lot to continue learning.

All content is free

Additionally, you can book individual classes by videoconference with one of our native Spanish teachers at any time, to practice with real conversations or, even better, plan a stay in Madrid to take a Spanish speaking course in an immersion context!

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  • 1. Reels

In less than 90 seconds you can learn a lot of spoken Spanish! We have prepared short videos (many of them with music and some also with a small performance 😜) with topics of vocabulary, colloquial expressions and grammar.

These reels will be very useful when speaking in Spanish to have real conversations with native speakers. Do you know how to conjugate the irregular tenses of the past well? Have you ever heard the expressions “ser un sol” or “quedarse como un tronco”? Now is the time to use them when you converse in Spanish!

2. The word of the week

Knowing the different meanings of words is essential to have fluent conversations in Spanish without misunderstandings.

Marta and David introduce us to words that have different meanings Did you know that “muñeca” in Spanish can mean “doll” or “wrist”? What meanings do you know of the word “manzana”?

Watching the recordings you will learn and memorize the different meanings of the words much better and be able to use them correctly when you speak Spanish.

3. Topics of Spanish grammar

From the hand of our teachers you will be able to learn more in detail different grammar topics, very useful for your conversations in Spanish to be correct. There is no doubt that listening to the explanations directly, and not just through a book, will be an excellent help for your learning and therefore your ability to speak better Spanish.

4. Mini quizzes

Do you want to check everything you already know in Spanish? Go ahead with our mini-quizzes! It will be like doing a traditional multiple-choice exercise but in a much more up-to-date and fun way. In addition, you can get to know our Spanish school better because all the images have been taken in our fantastic and modern facilities in the heart of Madrid. You can contact us at any time if you have doubts about the correct answer, there are no excuses for not improving your Spanish!
Also, if at any time you want to know your current level of Spanish with a more complete evaluation, we recommend that you take our online Spanish level test completely free of charge.

5. Our students speak

In addition to all of the above, we have compiled several of the videos in which our foreign students tell their experience during their stay in Madrid doing a Spanish course with ys. Can you recognize their accents when they speak in Spanish? Are you able to detect any error in what they say? You can look at the subtitles, where we have corrected some little errors (normal, on the other hand) that they make when speaking in Spanish. Feel free to use the comments on the videos. We would love that one day you decide to come to study at our school and be able to have a video of you speaking in Spanish.

On this page you have access to only a small selection of all our videos. You can see many more on Instagram, Tiktok and our Youtube channel.

We are sure they will be of great help to you in learning to speak Spanish!

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