How to move around Madrid

Madrid may seem like a labyrinth when one first moves to the city, but transport across the city is way easier than you may think! The metro, the bus system and the bike paths contribute to one of the most reliable public transport networks in Europe.

Don’t forget to use the metro

The metro is a clean, fast and safe method of transportation across the city.

The system is straight forward. It consists of 13 lines, each of which has a color and a number associated to it, reducing the possibility of confusion. The metro runs from 6:00am to around 1:30am on a daily basis. With a high frequency of trains passing through each station, you won´t have to wait for over a few minutes!

We recommend purchasing a pass that allows travel across the city for a cheaper price, a mere €20 if you are under the age of 26. Although, you must remember to book a meeting online or in person at certain metro stations with an office in order to get the card done.

Biking in Madrid

BiciMadrid is a newer mode of public transport around the city in which one can use electric bikes to get around! The objective of such bikes is to offer an alternative, practical and ecological service for the people of the Madrid.

There are over 2000 bikes on offer scattered around the city and over 4000 parking spots in around 160 docking stations.

What about the bus?

The use of the bus is also another viable option for movement across the capital. The bus system is run by the Municipal Transport Company (EMT), with around 2000 vehicles being driven from Monday to Friday. In order to use the service one must get a Trajeta Multi available at all Metro stations (over ground stations) or certain Tobacco shops which are authorized retailers to sell the card.

Other ways to move around

If one prefers to drive their own vehicle, there is an available App to help you get in rhythm with the city. It allows the driver to find the location of public parkings as well as relevant information to them, such as: free spaces, timetables, services and contact information in case.

An alternative method of transport in the city would be a ride on the infamous Segway. Segways are not offered by public services, but rather private hires and companies. They tend to offer tours around the city authorized by Madrid´s City Council. It is said that with the Segway, one can travel as fast as cycling, all while being as comfortable as walking.

Finally, we would recommend a good walk around in order to get a proper feel of the capital´s smaller streets and alleyways filled to the brim with Spanish culture and charm. This will help you distinguish between the different vibes in respective neighborhoods. Distinguishing between trendy and stylish Chueca, hip and vintage Malasaña, up and shining Salamanca and many, many more!

Move around Madrid by metro, bus or bike any day after your class with Inhispania! And don’t forget to walk around!