Five cafes in Madrid to study, work, and have a nice cup of coffee or tea

If you want to study or work after class in a chill out environment with a good and away from the heat of your place (unless you are lucky enough to have air conditioner), we have few recommendations for you.

These places are open throughout summer and some of them offer plenty of activities (even language exchanges!)  Check them out and let us know what you think about them!

La bicicleta (plaza de San Ildefonso, 9)

Its owners label it as a workplace, gallery and cycling café. It’s a pretty trendy spot in Malasaña where you can have fun with your friends as well as relax in front of your computer or you Spanish notes from class. La bicicleta offers really good coffee and food. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by, at least once!

Tipos infames (calle San Joaquín, 3)

Do you love books? Do you love wine? This is the perfect spot in Malasaña for wine and book lovers, and here you can find them both living in harmony. It is a bookstore specialized in independent literature where you can also find different events and exhibitions. Best thing to do: buy a book and sit down to read it while enjoying a delicious glass of wine.

Federal Café (plaza de las Comendadoras, 9)

Trendy, quite hip place to hang out and study (or work) in Conde Duque. You can come here after visiting Conde Duque’s museum or if you are tired of being in the library nearby. Though, this café is not only a good work café, but also a nice spot to have a beer in the evening. The best thing is when in summer they open their huge windows and you sit there, feeling like in a nice terrace.

La Piscine (calle de Campoamor, 5)

At this work café you don’t pay on what you drink but on how many hours you want to stay there. The good thing is that the price is not high at all and it includes unlimited drinks, snacks, copies, and high speed wifi!

Sugar coffee & Co (calle Jesús del Valle, 6)

A hidden place in Madrid that offers amazing brunches, and a quiet, peaceful environment to work or study.

Of course, they all have free wifi!!!