Daytrip to Segovia

¡Segovia is a great getaway destination from Madrid!

It is a small town not in the middle of the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama. It is well known for its aqueduct and for its gothic cathedral. In 1985 the city centered was declared world heritage by UNESCO. The aqueduct was built in the 2nd century and is known for its very little amount of concrete as component and how it holds itself independently.

Being at the north of Madrid and near the mountains, Segovia tends to be a little colder, however it also gives you fresher air and it can be a nice retreat from Madrid. You can go there just for a day on a bus. The closest station is Moncloa and you can get there for 10€ both ways and even just for a day! Itwill take between 1h15 and 2hours to get there depending on how many stops the bus has.

In Inhispania, we love to visit the city with our students.

Segovia has a lot of monasteries, convents and churches that you can visit on the top of the cathedral. The oldness of the city is charming and very pleasant for a week-end stroll around the Spanish authenticity. Its old spells attracts a lot of tourists, however it remains not as crowded as Madrid.  The typical food is “el cochinillo”,  the famous roast suckling pig.

Top 5 Madrid: Valentina

Si tuviera que elegir mis lugares favoritos de Madrid, sin duda serían estos 5, aunque más que lugares son “experiencias”:

1. Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

La ermita de San Antonio de la Florida cerca del Manzanares, por sus maravillosos frescos de Goya y su tumba. Me relaja mucho sentarme en la ermita y quedarme allí a coValentinantemplar el arte en estado puro, además hay unos espejos en lugares tácticos para ver mejor los frescos y sacarse estupendas selfies. Y si a eso añades un buen pollo asado con ensalada en el histórico restaurante casa Mingo (justo al salir de la ermita) y un paseo por el parque Madrid Rio ya tienes una experiencia completa.

The beautiful church of San Antonio de la Florida with the tomb and frescos of Goya. It’s really amazing to contemplate the beautiful frescos of this church and then eat a very good chicken in the famous restaurant casa Mingo (close to the church). It’s also possible to visit the park of Madrid Rio. Frescos+chicken+park, an amazing afternoon!

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Visit Madrid’s biggest park


Casa de Campo Park covers an area of 1722,60 hectares which makes it the biggest park in the city of Madrid. It’s five times the size of Central Park in New York! Apart from being a park, Casa de Campo is also home to the city’s cable car, zoo and amusement park.

Just like many other sites in Madrid, Casa de Campo also has an interesting history. Originally, this area was established by King Phillip II for private hunting when he moved the court to Madrid in 1561. However, the park has been open to the public since May 1931.
Most of the original constructions built by the royals in Casa de Campo have been destroyed since it was one of the battlefields during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) of which some of the remains can still be seen today. Continue reading “Visit Madrid’s biggest park”

La Pedriza Manzanares el Real 

Foto_La Pedriza

Last week-end, three friends of mine students at Inhispania language school and I rent a car and escaped from Madrid for a day to go to Manzanares el Real. This city, located 40 miles far from Madrid at the North, is well-known by Madrid citizens as a destination to breathe for a week-end: there is a really huge national park there, called La Pedriza, part of the massif Guadarrama. The name of la Pedriza comes from “piedra” which means “stones”, and you will soon understand why: most of the mountains there are covered by granite, and they look like enormous stones. This explains why one the most practiced activity is climbing.
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Now that Christmas and New Year are merely a distant memory and we’re all back working hard at Inhispania, I thought it was about time I returned with some top tips for making the most of your time in Madrid. And what’s my tip for today? Leave Madrid, and get on the bus to Salamanca.

Salamanca is a beautiful town two hours north west of Madrid. Positively overflowing with impressive architecture and history, it’s said to be a smaller, nicer version of Madrid. And whilst I certainly wouldn’t agree with that (well, there’s no denying that it’s tiny in comparison) it’s definitely still one to be ticked off the checklist before leaving this part of Spain.
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