Welcome to Inhispania and congratulations for starting your Spanish course here with us!

1. Enroll with one of our reception staff

Spanish intensive courses (both 20 classes and 30 classes) begin at 10:00, so before class, please go to reception and enroll with one of our friendly staff. You will receive your grammar book (which is included in your enrollment fee and is yours to keep!) and your Spanish text book (€20 deposit which is refunded when the book is returned at the end of your course).

Enroll with one of our reception staff


2. Quick tour of the school

We will take you to your class and give information about the activities available throughout the week. **you can read more about this below in the Bienvenida section**

Weekly Activity Information


3. Class begins at 10:00

All intensive courses start at this time.

  • Intensive courses (20 classes per week) 10:00-13:05
  • Super-intensive (30 classes per week) 10:00-13:05 + 14:00-15:30

Class Begins


4. Meet your classmates and teacher :) 

They will be your language-learning family for your time in the school.

Meet your classmates and teacher


5. Quick break at 11:30

This is the time to grab a coffee or snack (available on the second floor at the school), use the bathroom, or enjoy some fresh air and sun just outside the school.

-   Spanish classes with your own personal online Spanish tutor

Quick Break


6. Back to work

Continue practicing your skills in Spanish!

Back to Work


7. Welcome meeting!!

The Bienvenida (welcome meeting), is a talk for all new students on their first day at the school, which begins after morning lessons at 13:05, and lasts for about 25 minutes. It is definitely not something you want to miss!

Come along to our welcome meeting


The layout:

  • Covid-19 information: our safety rules at the school.


  • Certificates: at the end of the course, students with over 85% attendance will receive a signed certificate from the school certifying their Spanish level.

Get your DELE certification


  • Biblioteca, Rest areas: information about our library and book hire, as well as the location of our vending and coffee machine.
  • Reception: any questions you may have about your course please speak to reception (e.g. if you want to extend your course, to change your level, to take holiday leave…etc.).


  • Activity board: every week we have group activities organized by school e.g. tapas tours, museum visits, art galleries…and much more. Just meet on the first floor and we will all go to the activity together!

Activity Board


  • Information about Madrid´s different neighborhoods: if you are new to Madrid, you will appreciate this section! The centre of Madrid is divided into ‘barrios’ (neighborhoods) and each ‘barrio’ has its own history and culture. We will give you advice and tips about what to do and where to go in each area.
-   Mastering Spanish Numbers: A Comprehensive Guide to 1-100

Information about Madrid´s different neighborhoods


  • History of the city: we will show you the top places to visit in Madrid e.g. Sol square, Plaza Mayor, Retiro park, the Royal Palace…

History of Madrid


  • Tapas, drinks: At the end of the talk you can enjoy some traditional Spanish tapas e.g. tortilla, gazpacho, olives, and sandwiches and well as some refreshments such as Fanta, Coke, and sangria. This is a great way to make new friends and meet your fellow students, who might also be feeling slightly anxious about being in a new city. This is the perfect time to make some buddies on your first day!

best tapas and drinks Madrid


If you want to experience what a first day at the school is like, click this!