At Inhispania, we have taken many measures and steps to ensure that our Spanish language school is a safe and secure environment for both staff and teachers. Inhispania has the safety and quality seal “escuela ELE Segura Covid-19,” and we continue to evaluate our procedures so teaching can continue in a risk-free manner and the school can remain open.

Covid-19 has not affected the quality of our teaching nor experience for our students, and online lessons are available if students or teachers fall unwell or come in contact with someone who has the virus.

The measures that we have taken at the school:

  • The temperature of anyone entering the school is taken on arrival.
  • It is obligatory for everyone working and studying in the school to wear their face mask over the nose and mouth at all times.
  • There are hand sanitizer stations by the entrance as well as many throughout the school and there are bottles of gel in every classroom.
  • Every day, before and after classes, all desks, chairs and surfaces are deep cleaned.
  • The classrooms are spacious and desks are separated to ensure safety between students.
  • Staff and students are required to socially distance from each other throughout the day.
  • Students are required to sit in the same seat and desk throughout the entirety of their course to avoid cross contamination.
  • If staff or students fall unwell they are told to stay at home and procedures will follow so that students do not miss out on any teaching time. Students have the option to take online classes whilst they are isolating.
  • Doors and windows are open frequently, and ALWAYS at the end of class, to ensure fresh air, good ventilation, and a breeze can follow through the school
  • The school has a sophisticated air conditioning and air exchanging system that refreshes and exchanges the air continuously during the class.
-   Take Spanish classes online with professional teachers and an accredited school

We are strongly committed to scrupulously monitoring all protocols and measures regarding hygiene, capacity and access as necessary, in order to create a safe environment and avoid the possibility of contagion among our staff and students.

If you are interested in taking our Spanish courses, presencial or online, please get in touch with us via email