We all know someone who speaks great Spanish, but has not actually spent much time in a Spanish-speaking country. How did they learn all of those words and get that authentic accent? There is a strong chance they have been watching Spanish-language Netflix series. This is possibly the best way to improve your Spanish with minimal effort – you would be watching Netflix anyway!


Élite (2018)

More than your average high school drama, the perfect lives of the students of an exclusive private school unravel when three working-class students enrol, leading to lies, mystery and murder. Almost impossible not to watch all in one go!

Seasons 1 – 2 available

Elite Netflix

Las Chicas del Cable (2017)

Set in Madrid in the 1920s, this series follows four girls who have come from different parts of Spain to work as operators in the country´s only phone company, and shows their experience of friendship, love and social change in the big city.

Seasons 1 – 4 available

Cblae Girls Netflix

Club de Cuervos (2015)

In this Mexican comedy, two siblings inherit the fictional football team Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo from their father when he suddenly passes away. Each of them believes that they are entitled to run the club, leading to a humorous conflict which threatens the future of the team.

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Seasons 1 – 4 available

Club de Cuervos

Tiempos de guerra (2017)

One for those of you who are interested in history, this series is set in the war between Spain and the local people in the North African colony of Melilla.  In 1921, the lives of a group of privileged young women from Madrid are transformed when they are sent to Morocco to open a war hospital and care for the Spanish soldiers.

Season 1 available

Tiempos de guerra