The 9 Best Ways to Learn Spanish. Learning a language is essential for our education and future, either because you want to broaden your horizons by going to another country, building a better future for yourself or you need to communicate with that company that offers you better pay but that the language you don’t master puts a barrier in front of your plans.

Always mastering another language is usually a rewarding process and often comes with benefits in your personal and professional life. Whatever your reason for wanting to expand your language skills.

This task requires a great deal of time, dedication and effort, so effective techniques and/or methods are needed to facilitate learning, especially if we have such a brilliant tool as the Internet, which will be your great ally to learn Spanish.

While it is true that being established in the place where the language you want to learn is spoken and having good academies to help you in the learning process are two ideal points to achieve your goal more effectively, however there is a universe of alternatives, such as YouTube channels and the excellent alternative, to take online courses.

Studying any language is not very easy, especially Spanish, which has so many complexities and variations, like the same sentence can be constructed in a very different way, without changing its meaning.

Native Spanish speakers know and build all these variations normally and effortlessly, but when it is someone else’s turn to study this wonderful language here, it becomes more complicated and less difficult to speak it than to build their sentences, not to mention that the same words do not mean the same thing in Spain, Mexico or Colombia.

Study Spanish by speaking from day one

If you speak as much as possible from day one, you will learn Spanish sooner than you think.
Here is a course that can help you: Videoconference classes focussed both in grammar and conversation in Spanish language.

Without effort you will not obtain benefits so connect and turn on your wifi and your equipment that with these two elements you already have half of the way, so start looking for all the information of the Spanish language.

Test your Spanish level online

Check your current level in Spanish. You can of course skip this step if you have never studied Spanish before. But if you have knowledge, however little it may be, I recommend that you confirm your current level before starting a course. If you are going to study Spanish without the help of a teacher you can find resources to quickly verify your current level of Spanish and, if you decide to take a course in a school, you have to make sure that they comply with this step before assigning you to a Spanish class. If you have not been in contact with the Spanish language for a long time, this step is essential since your level is probably somewhat rusty. Don’t worry, we are already at work to solve it!

Test your level of Spanish


Classes to learn Spanish online

It is always advisable to take classes to learn Spanish online, either in a recognized school or academy with good teachers of the Spanish language that will help you to understand everything related to the language and that will guide your learning process.

Different alternatives can be found on the Internet, there you will find online offers, and you can choose the one that fits your possibilities and time available. It is always important to have an academic to guide your progress.

You can also think about the particular option of a language exchange with another institution or person so that via online you will be practicing the language with a native speaker and he or she will be able to learn from you.

Also on the web you will find App or small developments with animation and sound that will help you not only to visualize the writing of Spanish but also the sounds associated with each word, phrase or sentence.

Spanish classes with your own personal online Spanish tutor

Spend an hour a day on grammar exercises and vocabulary from a textbook

Search the web for a good Spanish grammar and vocabulary book, for beginners, that will serve as a support to learn and understand the structure of the language in question.

You should start with the simplest things, such as the present tense, before moving on to more complicated structures; there are even applications that include sounds for proper pronunciation.

Additionally, you should have a good bilingual dictionary that includes your native language and Spanish in order to know the basic vocabulary and common phrases. Either of these two tools can be downloaded or simply used online.

App to learn Spanish

There are a great number of Apps, really useful for the study of languages but you must be very careful to download applications that may violate your privacy protocols, you can look for an expert to advise you.

This step presents a very effective alternative and at the same time fun to internalize words of the new language, have video games in Spanish for example where you have to memorize words, or where you are rewarded or raise your level for getting it right, among others.

On the Internet there are a lot of these games, free or not, which are an excellent way to learn Spanish online. Learning by playing has been a method that works to master Spanish in traditional classroom education and we are sure that this method also works in the amazing online world.

Enrich and strengthen your Spanish vocabulary

Since we were small we were not born starting to read encyclopedias but we gradually moved into more complex readings, and now we have a means of communication that is our native language.

Now, by studying Spanish online as you acquire a higher level in learning the language you will be able to start reading digital newspapers or magazines in Spanish, this will allow you to enrich and strengthen your Spanish vocabulary.

Perhaps at first you will only make a general understanding of any article you read and as you progress, you will need to help yourself from other tools such as your digital dictionary, to understand and read fluently the whole news or article.

Remember again, go one step at a time, because you can end up exhausted and unmotivated, you will realize that in a short time you will be able to level up.

Listening to the new language is as important as studying its grammar

Watching movies, programs, or interviews online in the language you are studying is a good way to practice studying Spanish online, without a doubt this alternative will be of great help.

Most of the movies you can adjust the subtitles, use the Spanish so that at first you can listen to it in the language you are learning and complement it with the text to understand it better, then remove the subtitles and you will see your progress.

On the Internet, you will also find a way to download music so you can learn Spanish online by listening to songs in this language you are learning, remember that we do not only read or study, we must also pronounce properly.

You can also look up the lyrics of most of them and this way it will be easier not only to understand what each song expresses but also to practice the intonation of the words and sentences expressed there.

Another highly recommended option is to download wonderful karaoke songs, with subtitles of the lyrics, in this way you can sing in Spanish and at the same time read what you are vocalizing.

Repeating, repeating and repeating the phrases of the songs will surely help you to internalize them. Listening to the new language is as important as studying its grammar.

Spanish conversation

Without a doubt, conversation is one of the best ways to practice and learn the language quickly.

Although it is difficult to travel to places where we can exchange languages for many reasons, in today’s digitally globalized world it would be interesting to meet native Spanish speakers with whom you can establish an online chat, and thus work on your pronunciation and fluency.

It may be a bit embarrassing or even frustrating at first, but this alternative will allow you to lose your fear of expressing yourself in Spanish.

The person you start the conversation with should correct you and help you in everything you need to improve, and of course you should be open to their criticism.

The most appropriate thing to do is to agree on the parameters of the conversation and indicate that you are using this strategy to learn Spanish online and that your intention is to manage a conversation that can flow naturally, making it clear that you will stumble at first to achieve this.

And of course maybe one day you have the opportunity to travel to a Spanish speaking country and discover new cultures!

Service to introduce beginners to learning

When you already have a certain level of Spanish, offer your service to introduce beginners to learning, it will surely give you enough security to repeat your experience with others.

As a virtual facilitator suggests to them what worked for you, your experience will surely improve and you can even be in the presence of a way to generate your own income thanks to the fact that you dared to use online learning as your educational ally that others can also handle.

These nine steps each represent a challenge, the success of this plan to learn Spanish online will depend on the desire you put into it, I additionally recommend that as you progress you make self-assessments to determine the progress of your goal.

Put into practice the techniques of awarding reinforcers, so that you feel comforted to take the next step and if the self-evaluations do not give the results you expected, remember that the stumbling blocks are an opportunity to improve.

I also recommend that you document your experience online, for example make a blog, where you can form a small cyber community that are making the efforts that you have already walked and can share the experiences.

This will give a plus to your learning development, I am sure that many of those who will read your experiences will identify with you and see in you the certainty that by using the web, with a good wifi and a good mobile device or your PC.

You can learn Spanish online and even any language that you propose to study, without forgetting that the disposition, the aptitude, the perseverance and the motivation, are your best allies.

In conclusion, there are many ways to learn Spanish, whether that´s via self-study practices or by the help of language courses (both online and face-to-face) with a native speaker. Either will serve you well if you want to develop your language knowledge, Spanish vocabulary, and fluency quickly and effectively.

So, why not start learning a new language now? What´s holding you back? Have you ever studied a language before? Only have basic Spanish knowledge? Afraid of failing? Fear not! The hardest part is starting, but at Inhispania our proficient Spanish teachers are here to guide you through the progress one conversation and grammar exercise at a time.

Having the knowledge of the Spanish language under your belt will serve you well for the future, especially when you would like to travel and work abroad to Spanish speaking countries. Why would you not want to stand out against your competitors and have that extra edge with recruiters?

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