So you have just arrived in Madrid and don´t know anybody…time to get socializing!

Here at Inhispania we organise activities throughout the week with our students, but getting involved in the community is also a great way to not only practice your new Spanish skills, but also to make friends and enjoy your time in a new country. We´ve hunted out some unique ideas from around the city to keep yourself busy outside the classroom…


Get Social in Madrid
Madrid Babel´s language exchange at Larios Café (10 minutes’ walk from Inhispania) runs every Wednesday and Sunday from 8pm onwards. Come with the school on every Wednesday to practice your Spanish with people from around the world. Although daunting at first, there are reps to help introduce you, and if you need a bit of Dutch courage, head over to the bar for a sangria and free tapas!

Let´s MeetUp

Stop scrolling through Instagram and put your phone to good use by downloading the free application ´MeetUp´. With hundreds of free group activities and filters to choose the date, area, or interest, this relatively unknown app is a lifesaver. From dance classes to theatre groups, you will never be at a loose end.

Feeling Sporty?

Feeling Sporty
Make the most of the weather by hiring a BiciMad bike to ride around El Retiro, found at numerous stations round Madrid. There are often sponsored runs such as El Corro de Mujeres last week. As Madrid will be hosting the Champions League final and the Tennis Madrid Open, there´s no better time to get involved in the sports available.

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Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

If you´re feeling brave, you could offer services in your native language to be an au-pair for families who want to learn a language. These opportunities can be voluntary or paid, but either way they are fantastic to meet new people. Adverts on the ErasmusMadrid website are two hours a week, so fit perfectly around your lessons.

Hidden Exhibitions

Hidden Exhibitions

If you look hard enough, Madrid hosts several free cultural activities, e.g. at Palacio Cibeles, Casa del Libro, Casa Encendida and Fundación Telefónica. From interactive art to specialist talks, there are plenty of opportunities to learn outside the classroom. If you find any news fun activities, let us know so we can spread to word to all our students!

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