One of the great things about learning a language is that learning methods are incredibly flexible, and with programs like Skype and Zoom, learning Spanish from the comfort of your own home couldn’t be easier! Here are five reasons learning Spanish online could actually be preferable to classes at school:

1. Learn Spanish anywhere. From your comfiest sofa, sunny balcony or favourite coffee shop, you can set up your class anywhere you want, to suit you!

2. Build your schedule with ultimate flexibility. This brings me on to my next point: learning Spanish online means you can learn anywhere, and therefore your timetable is much more flexible. Being at home all day, for example, means you have plenty of time to fit in some conversation classes, or an individual lesson after a morning of intensive classes. Inhispania offers all of these (plus more), so get booking!

3. Unlimited coffee and snacks. Instead of rationing yourself to one coffee a day (as prices at coffee shops skyrocket), make as much as you want while you learn Spanish online at home! Also, you have the freedom to snack as you please, whenever you feel peckish (instead of having to wait until the next break to raid the vending machine).

4. Online resources. Sometimes during class, you hear words or phrases that you don’t understand but you forget to ask you teacher, or you’ve already moved onto a different topic and don’t want to stop the flow of the class. Well, with classes being online, you can easily open a tab onto reputable language dictionary (such as, to check words as you go along. This way you don’t forget to ask about key words that could be essential to boosting your vocabulary, and to your understanding of the topic!

5. Wear what you want. This one is my favourite advantage: while you may never consider wearing sweats to go to school, when at home why not? Learning a language can be tough and take a lot of effort, so there’s a lot to be said for being comfy while do you do it!