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Erasmus Students

Have you decided to spend a semester or full academic year at one of Madrid’s universities as part of the Erasmus programme?
Good choice. And now you need to pack your suitcases for this great Erasmus life experience. You will want to sort a few things out as soon as you arrive: firstly, the language; secondly, your accommodation; and thirdly, your new friends. The majority of the members of the Inhispania team have been Erasmus students, and for this reason we have a few solutions for you:


We have prepared a series of special offers for Erasmus students in Madrid. These offers include an intensive course (of 1 to 4 weeks) followed by an evening course (classes twice per week).

During the first weeks of your Erasmus student stay in Madrid, before your university classes begin, it’s the best time to take advantage of your time and immerse yourself in the learning of the Spanish language with one of our intensive courses.

After this course, you will have improved your Spanish considerably and you will be ready to start your Erasmus student university life in Madrid. This is the time to take one of our evening courses (twice per week) entirely compatible with your university courses. These courses have a maximum of 9 students per group, and for this reason are the ideal complement for your Erasmus programme and will help you to solve all those grammar issues that you can’t ask about in your university classes.

A little advice!
Use your time as intelligently as possible whilst you’re in Madrid. One semester is only enough time to take a first look. Every year we host many students who, once they have finished their university course, wish they had improved their Spanish at the right time. We are sure that you would not want to regret not taking a Spanish Course as soon as you arrived.



Finding an apartment in Madrid during your Erasmus stay is difficult, and much more so when you are outside the country. Inhispania can help you, at least, for the first weeks of your stay. You can choose to stay in one of our shared flats and take advantage of this time to search for your own place which meets your needs or maybe with other students you have just met at the school. We will always be here to help you, with advice and assistance throughout your search. Visit our accommodation section for more information. Due to the huge demand for our accommodation, this service is only available to Erasmus students on our intensive courses.



New city, a foreign language and you’re alone… this doesn’t sound so good, right? With your course at Inhispania you will meet other Erasmus students who are in the same situation as you. Thanks to our programme of activities, Inhispania has become a hotspot in Madrid for Erasmus students from all over Europe.

Price List: Intensive Course + Evening Course

The table below lists our special offers for Erasmus students.
Click here to see our full price list.

(20 classes / week) 12 24 WITHOUT EVENING COURSE
for 12 weeks: 425 €
Total price
for 24 weeks: 850 €
1 Total price
for 13 weeks: 615 €
Total price
for 25 weeks: 1040 €
Total price
for 1 week: 190 €
2 Total price
for 14 weeks: 790 €
Total price
for 26 weeks: 1215 €
Total price
for 2 weeks: 365 €
3 Total price
for 15 weeks: 970 €
Total price
for 27 weeks: 1395 €
Total price
for 3 weeks: 545 €
4 Total price
for 16 weeks: 1115 €
Total price
for 28 weeks: 1540 €
Total price
for 4 weeks: 690 €

INCLUDES: registration, course book for initial level, additional material, activities, personalised service, internet access and attendance certificate.

** All discounts and promotions are only valid when paid in cash. However, the deposit payment, can be made by bank transfer or credit card

Course Online


Some advice for your own search in Madrid

The average size of rooms in Madrid is relatively small (around 10 metres squared).

Remember that the traditional breakfast in Spain is much smaller than in other countries. Basically, it consists of a coffee or tea with toast, croissant, cereals or pastries. Don’t expect a large breakfast unless you are staying in a hotel, where there is normally a buffet service.

If you will be staying in Madrid for a long period (more than a semester), the best option is to reserve your first month through the school to ensure you have enough time to find your own room. Finding rooms or apartments to rent in Madrid is not easy, and much less so when you are outside the country. If you want to find a room yourself, let us know when you register with us so that we can provide more advice.

As a general rule, landlords will ask for a month’s deposit. If you carry out your search via an agency, you will have to pay them commission of at least a month’s rent (if they rent you an apartment), or around 50 euros per person (if you have rented a room). However, there are few estate agents who will offer this service, they focus more on buying and selling property than on renting.

If you would prefer to carry out the search yourself, the best places to find adverts are in local newspapers, the internet and notice boards at the university. Don’t give up when you see that, once you have arranged an appointment with the landlord, there are ten other people waiting at the same time.

Given the high demand for accommodation in the city, the prices for apartments and rooms have increased considerably in recent years. Don’t hesitate to sign for a place when you find what you are looking for. No landlord will wait for your response, they will have enough interested people to choose from.

Training for teachers

We know that, as a teacher of foreign languages, you don’t have enough time to study Spanish. That’s why we recommend our evening courses which take place twice a week.

    The teaching hours for companies