In Inhispania we have a firm commitment with the protection of the environment and the improvement of society for the welfare of people, so we have achieved the seal “Escuela ELE Socialmente Responsable” administered by FEDELE (Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners).

Escuela Sostenible

These are the actions that we carry out and in which you can also participate:

  • 1. At Inhispania we welcome everyone. We are a diverse school and we promote respect for all people regardless of their gender, origin, race, sexual orientation, ideology, religion, etc. During your course, you will have the opportunity to meet people with very interesting stories and lives, and that will enrich you as an individual. Of course, we have protocols in place to prevent harassment and abuse.

Escuela Español
  • 2. If you belong to the LGBT+ collective you will feel especially good at Inhispania: besides being located in Chueca, an emblematic neighborhood at an international level for the fight for the rights and visibility of this collective, we organize weekly meetings so that the people of the collective present in the school can get to know each other, so you are sure to meet more people like you.

Escuela LGTB+ de Español
Save the Children
  • 3. In collaboration with the NGO Save the Children, we organize campaigns in which we contribute funds to fight against child poverty and promote quality education for those who unfortunately still do not have access to it, also in our country.

Ayuda Save the Children
  • 4. We collaborate with the food bank of St. Joseph’s Church through the parish Caritas, collecting food in solidarity for those who need it most and promoting logistical assistance.

Banco Alimentos
Banco Alimentos Caritas
  • 5. We are committed to the responsible consumption of resources (electricity, disposable materials, etc.) and recycling, especially paper.

In addition to all of the above, the values of sustainable development are present in the daily life of the school and in many of the topics you will be working with during your Spanish course. Thus, in class discussions and activities you will talk about how to make small changes to improve the environment and the lives of human beings.

Federación Española de Asociaciones de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros
Cambio Climatico
Save the Planet

Learn Spanish at Inhispania and contribute to a better planet and society!

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