Long-term Spanish courses are intensive courses with duration of more than 12 weeks.

They are available throughout the year and you can start any week of the year. Our long-term courses consist of 20 classes per week and are offered for up to 40 weeks. You can add culture classes, DELE exam preparation classes or conversation classes to these courses at any time.

Personal Tutor

Personal tutor

If you decide to choose a long-term Spanish course with Inhispania we will assign a personal tutor to you who will follow your learning progress, speak to your course teachers and will meet up with you on a monthly base to discuss your results and concerns. This unique service is complementary to our long-term students and free of charge.

Do I need a student visa to do a long-term Spanish course (more than 12 weeks)?

If you come from a non-European Union country you might need a visa to study in Spain.

There are different types of visas, depending on the duration of your stay. Students need to take an intensive course (20 or 30 classes/week) in order to qualify for a student visa.  As the visa process can be confusing, Inhispania offers assistance for students who need a visa.At Inhispania we count with over 20 years in experience in welcoming long-term students from all over the world.

You will find some FAQs about student visa here but if you have more questions please contact us.

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  • Small groups (max. of 9 students; average of 5-6 students).

  • Start the course any week.

  • Availability: throughout the year.

  • Combines Spanish grammar, vocabulary and conversation.

  • Levels: beginner – advanced (A1-C1).

  • Schedule: from Monday to Friday.

  • Duration: from 1 to 44 weeks.

  • Recommended for: anyone who wants to learn or improve their Spanish through a full immersion course.


Weeks of Spanish Intensive Course
12 16 24 28 36 extra
Price €
20 classes
2005 2650 3880 4505 5740 160


  • Courses begin every Monday;
  • Each class lasts 45 minutes. Morning classes start at 10:00 and afternoon classes start at 14:00 (depending on availability);
  • Between each block of classes, there is a short break so that you can meet the rest of the students in the school, have a coffee and recharge for the next class;
  • All the complimentary materials are included in the price of the course;
  • At the end of the class, you can take part in our activities;
  • You can personalise your course by adding private classes or DELE exam preparation classes;
  • For stays longer than 12 weeks we offer a complementary personal tutor to check up on your learning progress;
  • These courses are valid for those students who need a visa for their studies.

* Registration fee: 55€

INCLUDES: registration, course book for initial level, additional material, activities, personalised service, internet access and attendance certificate.

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  1. Get information about student visa in the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country and make sure that you fulfill all requirements.
  2. Decide the duration and start date and book your Spanish course with Inhispania.
  3. Get approval and payment instructions from Inhispania.
  4. Make the upfront payment (50% to 100 % of the total, depending on requirements).
  5. Inhispania sends to you the confirmation letter.
  6. Apply for your student visa in the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country with all necessary documents.
  7. Get ready for your learning Spanish experience with Inhispania :-).
Spanish intensive course


Frequent Answered Questions

Q. Which course type should I book if I need a student visa?

A. Our long-term course of 20 classes/ week is valid for obtaining a student visa.

Q. Where do your students who request visas come from?

A. During our more than 20 years of work in this field we have welcomed students from all over the world. Those who need a visa usually come from USA, China, Brazil, Japan, Russia and Korea, but we alsohave experience with students from many other countries, such as South Africa, Iran, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Q. Will I get holidays during my Spanish long-term course and be able to travel around the country?

A. Yes, depending on the kind of visa you apply for, you may have the corresponding weeks of holidays that you can use to travel during your Spanish long-term course.

Q. What happens if the visa is denied?

A. In case your visa is not approved, we will refund the total amount minus a 150 euros administration fee upon presentation of an official denial document issued by the Spanish authorities. Please read our terms and conditions for details:https://inhispania.com/terms/

Q. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

A. Yes, you will get a certificate which you can use to extend your visa, apply for a master, scholarships, etc. Please note that you need to attend around 80% of the classes to get the certificate.

Q. How far in advance do I have to register?

A. We recommend you to register at least 2 months in advance. Depending on the consulate and the season it may take around 2 months to complete the whole process.

Q. Can I ask for the student visa if I am already in Spain?

A. Yes, but not all tourists are allowed to do it. If you are sure of coming to Spain, we recommend you to contact the Spanish consulate in your home country.

Q. If I am in Spain on a student visa, am I able to renew my NIE through a Spanish course?

A. Yes, our long-term course 20 classes/ week is valid for renewing your NIE.

Q. Can you guarantee me that I will get the student visa?

A. As a school, we will provide you with a course confirmation letter which you use to apply for your visa, together with other necessary documents. Inhispania is an accredited center by the Instituto Cervantes and our Spanish long-term courses are accepted for student visas by the Spanish consulates. Obtaining a visa however depends on various requirements, apart from the Spanish course… Please inform yourself carefully at the consulate before applying.

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