Though the world may be going into shutdown at the moment, that doesn’t mean your Spanish learning has to too! In fact, as a language requires plenty of time and a variety of learning methods, quarantine can be a good environment to work on some issues you’ve been having, as well as practice in the comfort of your own home.

Luckily Inhispania offers individual Skype Spanish classes to suit you, your time availability, and specific level, so why not book a class through our website? As it would be one-to-one you can focus on whatever topic you need and get quality practice of your Spanish speaking with our teachers who are all native Spaniards. Also, this way you can wear your comfiest tracksuits and snack to your heart’s content during class!

Apart from classes, if you have one of our exercise books why not take the opportunity to do some exercises by yourself? The best way of committing tricky aspects of grammar to memory is going over them as much as possible, so why not flip back to a topic you’ve done previously and have a go at one of the exercises to see if there’s anything else you don’t understand? This way, if you do have any Skype classes, you can discuss with your teachers’ the specific issues you need explaining.

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Furthermore, have you ever received the results of a test or exam, checked the mark, and then put it away without another look? Well, though it can seem a little dull, it is proven to be very effective to go through your mistakes from previous exams and tests to see if you understand why you made them. Then, if not, (like with above) save your questions to talk with your teacher about over Skype – or even in one of our intensive classes we’re currently running on Zoom!

Finally, at the end of long day working from home or improving your Spanish online, why not relax in a way that’s also productive? We’ve compiled the best Spanish TV shows in a previous article, so have a browse and pick something to binge. We recommended watching with Spanish subtitles or, if you’re brave, none at all! My personal favourite is ‘Las Chicas del Cable’ – with female empowerment, a bit of Spanish history and plenty of drama, what more could you want?!