Top 5 in Madrid: Isabella

I began my year abroad in Madrid, and I have to say, it couldn’t have been a better place to start. I chose to work for two months in Inhispania, and explore Madrid in my spare time.  There was so much to do and the people were so welcoming that Madrid soon became a second home, and I´m sorry to leave it now, but I´m sure I´ll be back.

Amongst all the amazing things I did it´s hard to pick a top 5, but here you have it, a mix of all-nighter party stops, foodie attractions, insta-bait hang- outs and breath taking views.

1. Helados Patagonia

I´m obsessed with ice cream, the first thing I think about when I go to a new place is “I wonder what the ice cream is like here?” It´s an addiction, but I´m not complaining. Helados Patagonia is the classic ice cream place down a side street that everyone dreams of on holiday. But what I loved about this place was their quirky, experimental take on the ice cream we all know and love.

My recommendations for flavours:

A mouth-wateringly moorish dulce de leche that will leave you craving seconds.

A taste-bud tingling raspberry, fresh as the fruit it came from.

Or a curiously creamy melon sorbet, it’s a crowd pleaser.

But for the more adventurous foodies I recommend the absolute two MUST- TRY flavours, blue cheese ice cream, or, tomato sorbet. It’s true that you can make ice cream out of ANYTHING.

2. El teleférico de Madrid

This one´s a horror story with a happy ending. I was sent on a trip to the teleferico (cable car) one hot, hot, summers day by Inhispania. Little did they know, I’m TERRIFIED of heights. But, I’m not one to turn down a challenge, so I gladly went. 40 meters high and 2.5 km long, I was in for a treat. I shakily got in, awaiting whatever fate lay before me, trembling and grinning. But once you’re 40 meters high and you have the most amazing view of Madrid before you, you can´t complain. I was too taken aback by the beautiful combination of the two sides of Madrid. On one side I had casa del campo, the huge nature reserve next to the city, and on the other side I had its magnificent, looming buildings.  I’m now over my fear of heights, and I would honestly go again.

3. El Templo de Debod y parque del Oeste

If you´re more about rural retreats and the city sometimes gets too overwhelming for you, I recommend el Templo de Debod and el Parque del Oeste. Offering peace and quiet and a get away from the traffic and noise, it’s the perfect place for a picnic. I recommend going at sunset for a prime experience of its beauty. Or, if you enjoy running I found that it was a great place to let off a bit of steam.

4. La Buha

I haven´t yet met someone who doesn´t like tortilla española, but do you like a whole kilo of it? That’s the question. This place offers 1 KG tortillas at 11€, but considering you´ll need an army of friends to help you finish this one, that’s cheap. You can also find many variations of the classic tortilla, things like tortilla stuffed with goats cheese, or mozzarella or ham, or veggies. Situated in Chueca or La Latina, it’s a challenge to finish, but a delicious one.

5. Sala cool

This place will lighten-up your Monday. If you like a bit of a boogie, especially after a long Monday, I recommend checking this place out. On a Monday they offer salsa and bachata classes. There´s a teacher leading the steps at the front, and they start off super easy. It’s a great way to meet people with the same interests, especially since people tend to make regular visits. Don´t worry if you’re bit shaky on your feet at first, everyone’s just as clumsy as eachother.