Top 5 in Madrid: Daniela


Our intern Daniela went back home last week, but before leaving she gave us this wonderful tips on how to truly enjoy Madrid.

1. Cafés

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen. I really recommend not to take the underground when it’s not really necessary and just discover the city by walking. Then you’ll find all these special bars, cafés and little shops which Madrid offers.

Hanso Cafe. Imagen: Javier S. vía

If you like to go for a coffee, please don’t go to Starbucks; give a try to the small cafés and coffee shops in Madrid. You’ll find the best coffee in town in HanSo, which is a little café in Malasaña. They also have frappes, milkshakes, all kind of teas, sweets and a really good breakfast. I recommend trying the Bagels they offer there, they are really good!!

2. Breakfast and brunch

If you are a breakfast lover, Spain is like a paradise. If you went out the night before and sleep in longer —don’t worry, you can also have breakfast at 12 or 1 pm (when you already have lunch in other countries). I really like the Spanish breakfast, it’s simple but really good, like pan con tomate, a pincho de tortilla de patatas or a bollo with a coffee. I recommend not going to the same café, but to also see other cool cafés .

If you want to have a real brunch I recommend the Pum Pum Café in Lavapiés or Maricastaña in Malasaña.

The brunch at Maricastaña is a little bit more expensive than the one at Pum Pum, but really good. A cheaper option is to take one of the normal breakfasts there. At Pum Pum, I recommend to take the eco-brunch for only 10€, which is a little bit smaller than the normal, but you get full of it too, don´t worry 🙂 Both locations are really cool, it’s really worth the visit. If you want to have good bread, not only the white bread which they usually have in Spain go to Pum Pum.

3. Barrio de las Letras

Spain is not only a paradise for breakfast lovers, but also for wine lovers. The wine here is really good and really cheap —one glass of wine is about 2,50€ and it´s even cheaper  to buy a bottle and sharing it with your friends. I really like going out in the Barrio de las Letras.

There are a lot of nice bars where you can have these good wines —and it´s a little bit more relaxed than in Malasaña, where it’s often a bit difficult to find a free table. If you want to drink a good cocktail, I recommend you to go to La Fiebre, which is a cool bar close to Plaza Santa Ana. And if you like to go to a club with Spanish music after drinking wine or cocktails, which is not that touristic like Kapital for example, I recommend you to go to the Comodoro.

4. Volcano at Ice Wave

Imagen: Ice Wave vía Twitter

Do you like sweet things as much as me? Then I recommend you to go to the Ice Wave, which is a little ice cream parlor close to Sol. They have the best Crepes in Madrid! You can fill them with different toppings (cookies, fruits, chocolate…) and different sauces (Nutella :)). There is always a long cue, but it’s worth the wait! They also have self-made ice-cream which they make at the same time you order.

5. Irish Rover + concierto en Moby Dick

Madrid offers a lot of cultural activities —there are so many different museums, theaters, cinemas and also concerts, for example in Moby Dick which is a bar close to the Bernabeu. Just look up their program: every week they have different concerts.

If you decide to go to one, go a little earlier to have dinner or some drinks in the Irish Rover, which is a really cool, modern Irish Pub right next to Moby. They have good food like burgers, sandwiches, some Irish food and also Mexican food and the location is just great! Sometimes they also have concerts there, just look it up on the Internet.