Learning Spanish: Tips From The Experts

So you want to learn Spanish?

Good work, you´re already:

✓ in Madrid – the home and heart of the Spanish language

✓ studying at the best Spanish language school there is

But what more can you be doing to get the most out of your Spanish? Below, staff at Inhispania give their best tips for language learning in the capital…

Elena says:

“Make friends with Spaniards! Go to a language exchange or just strike up a conversation with someone in a café. Madrilenians are known for being super friendly so there´s no excuse.”

Raquel says:

“Read children´s books in Spanish. They´re fun and simple and you´ll improve your fluency and comprehension super quickly!”

Blanca says:

“Go shopping! Seriously! Just get out there and practice. Shops are a great place to start; ask if they have the top in another size, where the changing rooms are, if you can return it if you don’t like it. Just get speaking.”

Ricardo says:

“Go the extra mile. Take yourself to Casa del Libro and look for books that correspond to your level and work through them in your spare time. The more you put in, the more you get out.”

Meg says:

“Rewatch your favourite TV shows and films in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. It´s a nice passive way to improve your Spanish in the evenings, and as you already know the plotline, you won’t get confused about what´s going on. Plus you´ll pick up useful and colloquial vocab.”

André says:

“Get yourself a Spanish girlfriend. Worked for me!”

And there you have it. ¡Buena suerte!