Madrid through its neighborhoods: Barrio Salamanca

Are you into some good shopping sessions? Then you can’t miss out Salamanca.

Salamanca is a glamorous area and one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in Madrid. The streets Calle Serrano and Calle José Ortega y Gasset are known as the “golden mile”; the most luxurious shops of Madrid are placed in these streets, such as Dior, Chanel, D&G and Louis Vuitton. These are expensive shops but also nice to have a look at it from the outside!

Not really a fan of these (really) expensive shops? No worries! Across from here you will run in to Calle Velazquez; a street with some well-known and affordable shops such as H&M, Mango and Sfera. If you like some more trendy and vintage stores, you should have a look in Calle Claudio Coello, Calle Lagasca and Calle de Jorge Juan; a lot of surprising shops and boutiques are placed there!

Salamanca is also known for some other things besides shopping.

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

This museum is placed in Calle de Serano. The collections on display here range from prehistoric times until the nineteenth century. Items from excavations in Spain but also present objects from ancient Egyptian, Greek and Etruscan can be found here. In the garden of the museum there is the reproduction of the caves of Altamira. Woth a visit!!!

Plaza de toros de Las Ventas

Las Ventas is a famous arena for bullfights and is one of the largest in the world. The Ventas Tour allows visitors to learn more about the legendary Ventas bullring. The tour provides a close-up view of the arena, the seats and a lot of other facilities.

La Puerta de Alcalá (an old city gate)

La Puerta de Alcalá is an old city gate in the center of Marid, next to the main entrance of el Parque del Retiro. The gate is on the spot where the road from Madrid to Alcalá de Henares lead.

Curious fact: a lot of embassies are placed in Barrio Salamanca!

So if you are tired of shopping all day (or you are not into that at all), there are a lot of other interesting things to visit and see in this glamorous area of Madrid!

Are you going to miss it?