Madrid through its neighborhoods: La Latina

In previous posts we’ve discussed some of the nice things to do and see in Sol and Lavapiés, the heart of Madrid. Today we are going to talk about another area in town which is worth a visit: La Latina.

La Latina is one of the oldest areas of Madrid; a neighborhood right downtown. The oldest buildings and traditions lie here; but it is a modern area as well. Pretty close to Lavapiés, La Latina has a completely different essence. Though, a lot of good restaurants and bars with a calm and relaxing atmosphere are placed in here. An ideal area if you like some Spanish history and tapas at the same time!

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La Latina has many attractions related to the history of Madrid: Museo de San Isidro for example. This museum offers a look into the history of Madrid and all its surroundings; from the prehistory up until this day! If you’d like to visit a church, Basilica of San Francisco el Grande is worth a visit. It is a Roman Catholic church and one of Madrid’s grandest old buildings.

Palacio del Príncipe de Anglona‘s garden is a small, partially hidden jewel located in the heart of Madrid. After a day of visiting museums and churches, this garden is a very beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the nature.

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If you like some shopping during your stay in Madrid; the most popular open-air flea market of Spain is held in La Latina, called El Rastro. It is held every Sunday during the whole year and is located between Embajadores street and Ronda de Toledo. A great variety of products, new and used, can be found at El Rastro. Be aware of your personal belongings; pickpockets operate here! Al

Although it is a very old area; the La Latina neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife. Many bars and restaurants are placed here, most of them pretty trendy.

Are you going to miss it?