Madrid through its neighborhoods: Chueca

Welcome to the trendy and hip neighborhood in downtown Madrid.

When Chueca crosses your mind, you will probably think of the “gay” neighborhood, which is something you can’t deny. When the gay marriage was approved in 2005, a lot of Madrilenos settled here. Thanks to this gay side of Chueca it has become a very modern neighborhood filled with lots of hip and trendy bars and restaurants!

The neighborhood of Chueca is very open minded; people of all ages come together here and have a good time with each other. It is a mix of trendy, traditional, modern and conservative. That is what makes Chueca so unique.

One of the highlights of Chueca is the Mercado de San Antón. For just a couple of euros you can enjoy some typical Spanish tapas in this busy, but very nice place. There is also a rooftop terrace next to the market where you can enjoy the Spanish sun with a cocktail in both hands. If you are not feeling like eating tapas, you can go to the trendy restaurant La Cocina de San Anton (it is wise to make a reservation before because it is always very crowded).

Street art in Chueca’s most famous street. [Foto: Lorena a.k.a. Loretahur through Flickr]

Besides all of the nice bars and restaurants, you can go shopping here as well. Calle de Fuencarral is filled with lots of affordable and modern shops, such as Mango, Springfield, Puma, G-STAR, etc.

For the ones interested in some historical attractions in Chueca, you are lucky! El Museo Municipal, Museo Romantico, Palacio de Justicia and Palacio Longoria are placed in this wonderful and worth seeing part of Madrid!

So it is the perfect place to do a bit of everything: study Spanish at Inhispania, go shopping, have some tapas, and enjoy its nightlife! Plus, it is an important part of old Madrid, so you cannot miss it!

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