A city with a story to tell

Although it would be hard to get bored of Madrid, it’s always nice to have a change of scenery and explore a new place. Just over half an hour on the train from Madrid, cheap, easy to travel to and with loads of stuff to keep you busy for the whole day, Alcalá de Henares provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.
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When in Spain… Eat!

If I’m honest, all I’ve really done since being in Madrid is eat. And whilst my waistline might be suffering, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Madrid, like any city, is the perfect place to try new things and enjoy lots of what you already love. From budget bars to upmarket tapas, from late night takeaways to luxury Asian cuisine, from Telepizza to authentic Italian restaurants; Madrid has it all.
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The Ideal Summer Cocktail

Summer is upon us and the regular 33 degree heat might be getting to you if, like me, your native land is not so caliente. However, I have a solution: tinto de verano. The name of this drink even translates to red wine of summer and is an ideal antedote to the madrileñan heat.

This wine cocktail is similar to sangria (which, let’s face is, is overdone) but is easier to make has less alcohol in it so is an ideal afternoon tipple. Here is the recipe for you to enjoy:
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