Top 5: Adam

¡Hola! After living in Madrid for a few months I have quite a lot of favourite places, but below you can find my top 5. I hope it’s helpful and you try some of them out whilst you’re in Madrid.

1. Parque del Retiro

Sorry to be basic but this is by far my favourite place in Madrid. You can go rowing, visit the book fair (in June), sunbathe and get a glass of sangria at the cafeteria. Rowing there is great value for money and costs around 7€ for 45 minutes. I cannot recommend it enough and it is particularly amazing to watch the sun set there. It’s really easy to get there from the centre too and you can even walk if you’re feeling brave enough.

Retiro Park
2. Palacio Real

This is another classic. The architecture and interior design of this palace is really something else. I went 3 times whilst staying in Madrid and have got to say it is one of my favourite places. You can access most of the palace, its gardens and take pictures in front of amazing views. Each room has its own theme and it really is a must-see if you want to try out being a Royal for the day. There is a discount for students too if you book it online in advance too at and this will make sure that you avoid the extremely long queues for visitors who haven’t booked tickets in advance.

Royal Palace
3. LLBar, Chueca

I would highly recommend this little drag bar. Coming from Manchester which has the biggest gay night scene in Europe, I really didn’t expect to find much to compare it with here in Madrid. However, I was wrong. Chueca is a part of the city which really embraces LGBT culture. This bar has drag queen shows most nights and really is so fun and a great way to practice your Spanish talking in the queue or listening to the extremely talented Drag Queens singing and dancing. The entry is free and the copas (doubles) are good value for money.

4. Purmina Indian Restaurant

This is by far my favourite place to eat in Madrid. Although not particularly Spanish, it serves authentic Indian food and is run by local Bangladeshi people who are extremely friendly. You can personalize each dish to have it as spicy as you want and the interior design really is to die for. It is a bit further out from the city centre but it is worth the effort, trust me! It is a bit pricey but the mains are extremely big so you could always share a main with a friend or just have a whole dish to yourself! We are all kind of holiday after all ;).

Indian restaurant
5. Ojalá, Malasaña

My favourite café to have brunch at on a Sunday morning is definitely Ojala. It is really quirky inside (as you can see in the photo) and the food is delicious, particularly the breakfast menu. All the brews come in tiny little cute tea cups and the avocado on toast is gorgeous. Go whilst you can! It is in the very trendy area of Malasaña, which is full of cool restaurants and cafes so you can go and do a bit of retail therapy in nearby vintage clothes shops after a delicious breakfast.

Ojalá, Malasaña



Gluten-free products have been so popular lately and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it. However, many people still don’t really know what it means. So, first I will give you a brief introduction to this topic and secondly I will surprise you with a great recommendation in Madrid.

Celiac Disease
This unpleasant phenomenon is basically a disorder in which the body of one in 133 people negatively reacts to gluten. That’s more or less 24.000 people in Madrid who suffer from the celiac disease! For these people, the intake of gluten can cause symptoms like gas, diarrhoea, weight loss or gain, weakness, headaches, depression, abdominal pain and/or many more. But, what is gluten? Gluten is the protein which can be found in wheat and wheat relate grains like rye and oat. That sucks, because for celiacs, eating bocadillo de calamares, torrijas, napolitanas and many other Spanish delicacies is kind of impossible.
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La Casa Encendida

Imagen 4

La Casa Encendida (the Burning House) Is an open and dynamic Social and Cultural Centre funded by the Caja Madrid Foundation which offers everything from exhibitions the most avant-garde artistic expression to social workshops on the environment or solidarity.

The cultural program offers theatrical art, cinema, exhibitions and other demonstrations of contemporary creation.
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Some of the Best Bookshops South of Sol


Café molar
Metro la latina
Café, bookshop, bar
Calle de la Ruda, 19
28005 Madrid

Café, bookshop, bar: stocks amusing books for your coffee table, Spanish literature, records and more. It is a place to think, read, and enjoy free wifi. Café Molar also provides the a ideal place to stop on a Sunday to rest for a moment of calm, halfway through browsing el Rastro market. Continue reading “Some of the Best Bookshops South of Sol”

La Tabacalera


In short, La Tabacalera is a former tobacco factory which is now occupied by artists and gardeners alike as a cultural centre and place to hang out.

The  building of the former Tobacco Factory of Embajadores is in public  ownership and under the Ministry of Culture through the General  Directorate of Fine Arts (GDFA).  Due to its characteristics, the building is part of the historical  heritage and has been listed as Heritage of Cultural Interest.
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