8 plans for a rainy day in Madrid

Madrid is quite unpredictable. Sometimes you don’t know if it’s going to rain or the sun will shine all day long.

For those rainy days, we bring you some alternatives to the staying-on-the-couch plan.

Even though Spain is a pretty sunny country and its capital is a pretty sunny city, from time to time it surprises us with —sometimes light, sometimes hard— rain. First thing we think when those days come is putting on a movie and staying in, though Madrid offers a lot to do on a rainy day. Let’s find out the best plans on the city when the rain is pouring.

1. Pick one market and find out what it offers

Picture by mertxe iturrioz Flickr

You can find a different market on every corner of Madrid —plus, most of them are indoors. So, our first plan for than unpredicted rainy day is a visit to one of the markets hidden in the city. You can find food, get a drink, shop for vintage clothing, or discover a whole new aspect of Spanish culture.

2. Fin a movie theater a watch a new release

This is probably the first or second thing that comes to our minds when we wake up and see the rain, and of course is a pretty good plan. There are many movie theaters all over Madrid, and you can find dubbed movies (yes, that’s a very common thing in Spain: you can find any movie you can think about dubbed into Spanish, aka translated). But also you can find original version movies in a bunch of theaters such as Renoir, Golem, Verdi or Ideal.

3. Cheap movies in a big city? Yes, indeed

Ok, so you want to see a movie but you don’t want to spend the 7 or 9 euros that a regular theater would charge you. Then, Madrid is your place! There are few places where you can go when the rain makes you crave for a cheap (or even free) movie session. Our must are: Cines Doré (where the national film archives are), the Cineteca, the Sala Berlanga, the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas (or the Arts and Film Academy), and La Casa Encendida.

4. Music is all around, but don’t miss the concerts!

Madrid is a city for the artists and, therefore, a place where you can find at least one daily concert, whether it is on a Tuesday or a Saturday night. There are many bars and halls where we can go to have a musical evening: places such as Café Central, Ocho y Medio, Gruta 77, or Búho Real are just a few examples of places you can go to find a concert.

5. Books, books, and more books!

Well, yes, diving into literature is a good to do when raining; though you can stay at home with your book or go out to explore the libraries and bookstores in Madrid. Come on! Booksellers have their own street in the city (the street Libreros, literally booksellers), and there is a whole neighborhood dedicated to the art of writing (Barrio de las Letras). There are many interesting libraries such as the National Library (Biblioteca Nacional) or the Conde Duque Library where to go. But also there are many bookstores where you can go and hang out for a while: Tipos Infames in Malasaña is a place where you can drink a wine while reading a book, La Central has its own café and restaurant as well as Ocho y Medio. Then, places such as Tuu Librería or La Mar de Letras are peculiar and fun bookstores where to get lost for a while.

6. Enjoy a good play

You might need to master (at least a bit) Spanish language in order to fully enjoy a theater play, but Madrid offers so many different options for those in love with Lope de Vega’s arts that you cannot miss at least one visit to the theater. Don’t be afraid and step into Spanish theater’s fantastic world.

7. The Art Triangle

Near Inhispania you can find the best cultural and artistic plan in Madrid (and maybe in Spain): three museums create the Art Triangle. If you walk down Paseo del Prado street you will find our three relics, our three most famous museums: El Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. There you will discover the essence of Spain through its arts, plus you will also find internationally recognized artists such as Goya, Picasso or Rembrandt, among many others.

8. Alternative exhibitions and galleries

You don’t need to go to big museums in Madrid to enjoy art exhibitions. There are a lot of galleries and exhibition halls where you can explore local and international art. If you wake up and the rain changes your plans, you can stop by Caixaforum, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Mapfre, Conde Duque, Centrocentro Cibeles, or ABC Museum, among others.

So, what’s your favorite plan for a rainy day in town?